Be part of the Find Your Future in Hinchinbrook and inspire our next generation, future entrepreneurs or motivated workers looking to make a career move!

Looking for a new Career?

Whether you are a student seeking a career change, looking to get back into the workforce, mature aged or looking to start your own business, Find Your Future in Hinchinbrook Careers Expo might have the opportunities you are looking for! 


Looking to be an Exhibitor?

Register to be an exhibitor at the event and receive face-to-face engagement with local youth, school students or skilled workers looking for a career change.

The event is a great opportunity to:

  • Build awareness around your business;
  • Gather visitor details for your database;
  • Or track down the perfect talent you need to make your business grow!

Top Ten Tips to Exhibiting at our Event

  1. First Impressions Count: Create your space with a point of difference. Clearly outline what you provide;
  2. Be Creative: Don’t get lost in the sameness, show off your Business!
  3. Be Organised: Whether this is your first or 11th expo ,its important to be clarify all your needs before the expo;
  4. Staffing your Booth: Man the booth with the right interaction team. Setting up a banner and handing out brochures wont cut it!
  5. Supplying your Booth: Have an everything box for pens, stapler, blue tack etc. Have ample supply of cards, brochures etc;
  6. Tell Everybody: Social media! Let everyone know where you are going to be;
  7. Dress Comfortably: It is a long day, dress comfortably and look presentable;
  8. Share your organisation: Have flyers and educate;
  9. Enjoy: Exhibitions are the perfect medium to have your potential clients come to you in a fun, relaxing and less intimidating environment; and
  10. Reflect: Once the exhibition is over – look back on the prospective clients you spoke to on what they enjoyed, didn’t enjoy and what you could have done better.